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Wetsuit Vs Drysuit For Sailing. Which One Is Better?

One of the great things about sailing is that you can do it any time of year when the water isn’t frozen over. Sailing doesn’t need to be a summer only sport. The wind tends to blow more in fall and spring in many parts of the country making them ideal times for sailing. With … Read more

What To Wear Sailing On A Yacht 2021 Helpful Guide

A friend invited you sailing or you have decided to learn to sail and are headed out for the first time. Your going on on a 30-40 foot sailing yacht for the afternoon. You want to stay comfortable and be not too hot, not too cold, and not feeling like a soggy sponge all day.  Your … Read more

Dinghy Sailing Wetsuits – Ultimate Buying Guide 2021

Dinghy sailing is a really fun sport. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy time out on the water. The best small boat sailing days are when you see white caps and the wind is howling. You can have a great time sailing comfortably on cooler days in the spring and fall and even … Read more

The Best Dinghy Sailing PFDs Of 2021 Helpful Guide

Small boat or dinghy sailing is incredibly fun. It can be fast and exciting or nice and relaxing. When you are out on the water you never know what might happen. It is a good idea (And sometimes legally required) to wear or have a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) with you. If that sounds like … Read more

The Best Sailing Hats Of 2021 Helpful Guide

There is nothing better than spending a day out on the water enjoying the wind and the waves. The sun is bright during the summer and a good hat can go a long way towards making the day more enjoyable. A good sailing hat should block the sun, dry quickly and stay on your head … Read more